This week is going to be an exciting week for GLUU and Eaton Primary School. On Monday, the Year 3 teacher and I are team-teaching his class on the use of Microsoft 365. He has asked me to plan a session where children will be able to access and highlight an extract of The Snow Dragon by Abi Elphinstone – fitting in with their winter topic. I am looking forward to seeing children of a younger age access their Microsoft accounts.


As well as Year 3, Year 6 are beginning their journey with Microsoft 365. In addition to logging on, and to challenge them further, children in this class will adding to a shared PowerPoint about their topic for this half term; historical timelines.


The #EatonProject will be premiered to parents this week, with the Microsoft accounts and SharePoint going live. Children across Key Stage 2 will take home a letter explaining how children can access their work at home. Moving forward, teachers will be using Microsoft 365 in their lessons to allow effective communication and sharing of resources with parents. We are ready to support the use of Microsoft 365 along with other GLUU solutions

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