Reverting back to the traditional “classroom only” approach to teaching could be a waste of the progress we made with education technology during 2020.

If you mentioned the phrase “blended learning” to a teacher during lockdown, most of them would have pulled a face or maybe even given a grunt of dissatisfaction; they were sick of the phrase. But now I’m sure they will agree that without the tools that make blended learning possible, we could not have endured the pandemic.

Education would have come to a complete stand still.

Blended learning during the pandemic has cemented the place of technology in the education process. We know that learning can take place outside of the classroom successfully, with the help of good technology, and we know that there are many who prefer to learn this way, and who choose to learn this way (there are over 100,000 registered home learners in the UK). We’ve seen a rise in schools adopting Hybrid learning models and expect to continue to see many more schools adopt this model over the next few years. What we don’t see in the market at the moment, is a one-stop platform to provide everything a learner could possibly need to learn a full mainstream curriculum, available to them should they choose to learn at home.

GLUU have teamed up with Danesfield School and Infiniti Platforms to build an online school to support children who are learning from home. This will be the first online school built and delivered by a mainstream primary school and is expected to show a way forward for others to deliver hybrid learning.

The pilot will go live later in 2021. Join the GLUU community to keep up to date on this project.

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