With Christmas a week away and children becoming excited for the two week break, we at GLUU feel it is important to reflect on all we have achieved in the last four months whilst working at Eaton Primary School.


Initially, as is the case with any successful project, planning was essential. We wrote a Digital Transformation School Development Plan for Eaton, outlining clear areas of strength and development for the autumn term. These areas focussed on: how GLUU’s solution can enhance the curriculum, ease teacher workload and increase engagement with families through technology.


With the plan in place… we set to work. Creating inviduallised Microsoft Outlook accounts for all pupils enabled them to use applications such as Word and PowerPoint; which were an instant hit. As the term progressed, children became more competent and began accessing their work at home too, sharing with their families. This progression in skills was due to the willingness of Eaton’s teachers to adapt – something that we hope will continue into spring term.


Before children were able to access the SharePoint portal at home, groundwork had to be put in place making it suitable for use. Thoughts from planning meetings with Senior Leaders were relayed to Shireland Collegiate Academy, who edited the layout and permissions. After a little over a month of tinkering and perfecting, the SharePoint was ready to be shared with the families. Development is ongoing and we look forward to making more improvements in 2020.


GLUU’s educational resources like Inspire Education (@InspirePrimary) and Encyclopaedia Britannica (@Britannica_UK) have been popular amongst teachers due to their potential for enhancing children’s writing. Moving forward, we hope to plan more dedicated sessions team-teaching across all year groups using these resources.

The school has made remarkable progress with its digital transformation and we are pleased to continue supporting the staff and children moving into spring and summer terms.


Have a wonderful Christmas!

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