Following Boris Johnson’s announcement that schools were closing to all children apart from those parents who are key workers, GLUU knew it was against the clock to ensure our Home Learning was ready to go.


Starting on Monday 23rd March 2020, children at Eaton and Tarvin Primary Schools were able to access English, Maths and Foundation-based activities using Microsoft Teams. Over 400 children have been given access and now GLUU’s job is to ensure that this access is maintained and managed. We’ve receive countless emails from families asking for support getting on the learning platform and we are thrilled by the positive responses. Children are posting work daily, communicating with their teachers and collaborating on shared projects. It is fulfilling to see our hard work pay off!


As well as managing the day-to-day running, our work now lies in professional development. Already, we have hosted e-staff meetings to coach teachers on the use of Microsoft Teams and we are looking forward to doing multiples of these every week – to share practice, troubleshoot problems and collaborate on work ideas.


Although a challenging time for us all, it is pleasing to see a semi-normal school life can be maintained by the children!

All the best and stay safe,

Andy Pritchard

Twitter: @EdTechMrP

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