Attending BETT 2020 last week at the London Excel centre was a fantastic opportunity for GLUU to keep to date with the newest innovations in the EdTech world. After catching up with a few of our colleagues, notably the amazing folks @Britannica_UK, I attended a meeting introducing the @MicrosoftEDU Global Training Partner initiative. Introduced by @AnthonyCalcito, Vice President of Education at Microsoft, this scheme allows companies such as GLUU to support Microsoft’s clients in the use of their services. Due to our expertise in the use of Microsoft solutions as a part of our model, there are a number of areas where we can assist potential clients. An exciting opportunity for us!


This week, GLUU’s begins its support of Tarvin Primary School. Admin work has been completed behind the scene and we are looking forward to showing the staff there our solutions. On Monday, I am leading staff meeting in the effective use of Inspire Education (@InspirePrimary) and Encyclopaedia Britannica (@Britannica_UK), just as I did at Eaton. Teachers will be given a detailed tour of the resources then opportunity themselves to link their topics to them. Then on Wednesday, as a part of a Tarvin Primary School Governors meeting, I will be presenting how Eaton has used GLUU’s solutions effectively; focusing on the integration of a Microsoft SharePoint within their curriculum.


We look forward to working with and getting to know the staff at Tarvin Primary School over the coming weeks.


Andy Pritchard

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