Week one at Eaton Primary School has come and gone, brand new experiences are becoming routine and we at GLUU are looking back at what has already been achieved in such a short time.

Every day, we strive to offer support for staff in any way we can. Last week our priority was to ensure that general classroom equipment was running optimally as well as to put plans in motion for future application of inspirational resources brought together in our interactive, easy-to-use Microsoft SharePoint environment. I am excited to be attending meetings this week with our partners at Shireland Collegiate Trust to discuss how Eaton’s SharePoint platform can inspire children and raise standards.

At GLUU, we believe in reducing workload for educators using technology. With this in mind, new Microsoft working groups have been set up to promote communication and collaboration between specific members of the Eaton Primary School team. We have collaborated with the Governing body to ensure the most up-to-date policies are uploaded onto the school’s Governor Portal. Excitingly, we have made the first steps towards collaborating with another school, Tarvin Primary School, where the GLUU model will be used to enhance an already ‘Good’ school. We look forward to the different challenges a larger school will present but are equally confident in our model and know it will only build upon what is already in place.  

Take care,

Andy Pritchard
Twitter: @EdTechMrP
Phone: 07587183329


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