Over the last week, I have been teaching Year 6. This has presented me with the opportunity to use GLUU’s solutions with the oldest children at Eaton Primary School. Our focus topic for this time has been the Mayan Dynasty. With this in mind, children have been using Inspire Education’s (@InspirePrimary) ‘Chocolate Jungle’ scene to learn how the ancient civilization produced chocolate using seven primitive steps. Using this knowledge, they created their own set of instructions for how to make authentic Mayan chocolate. From there they continued to use the ‘Chocolate Jungle’ to design their own chocolate product including: ingredients, box design and chocolate type.


After excitingly designing their chocolate, Year 6 were desperate to advertise; which meant script writing. Over the coming week, they will use the immersive reader tool available through Microsoft Word to rehearse before, finally, recording their adverts using a green screen. The finished advert will be edited in Encyclopaedia Britannica’s (@Britannica_UK) LumieLabs and shared with families via Microsoft SharePoint.


At Tarvin Primary School this week, staff are going to be introduced to their new Microsoft SharePoint by the excellent Ryan Guest of Shireland Collegiate Academy (@ShirelandCA). I look forward to assisting the staff moving forward.

See you soon,

Andy Pritchard

Twitter: @EdTechMrP

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