Further to our introduction of DocuSign at Eaton Primary School to reduce staff workload, GLUU is working with Matt Woodruff of Coscole.com to implement his Primary Tracker assessment system. After a meeting this week, we will begin work converting Eaton’s time consuming Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a more fluid online system that will aid in assessment accuracy as well as reduce time taken by the teachers. The tool in one of Shireland’s schools have saved over 350 hours of teaching time per annum. Further into the year, once assessment are completed, comprehensive reports can be generated to be shared to parents and carers.


Now that the children are able to access their online learning Sharepoint, GLUU is looking to involve each class more in its development. Following conversations with colleagues, we believe a realistic way to do this would be through the creation of an informative Online Safety video. Once children in Key Stage 2 have made their video in small groups we would upload them onto Sharepoint to show younger children best practice.


Elsewhere around Eaton Primary School, GLUU is excited to showcase new lesson walkthrough plans developed by Inspire Education (@InspirePrimary). These Victorian and Egyptian themed scenes will enhance the curriculum of Year 1 and 4 respectfully.

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