Teaching post-lockdown has to be one of the most challenging parts of my career so far; children are out of routine, demotivated and stressed (just like every Year 6 teacher, including me). Whilst frantically planning activities that would plug the gap in my classes’ learning, I was given the opportunity to work on a ‘Future Project’ with Pearson Primary (@pearson_uk), GLUU (@GLUUTech) and Inspire Education (@InspireEd_UK) to provide a solution for these closing weeks of a bizarre academic year.

This Project Based Learning (PBL) pack themed around the Industrial Revolution is designed with the swamped Year 6 teacher in mind; six detailed phases (lesson plans), Key Stage 2 and 3 objectives,  success criteria and an incredible interactive resource make the project easy to pick up, adapt (if needed) and implement during an already packed timetable.

The pack is split into two sections: the initial curriculum based lessons using Inspire Education’s Industrial Revolution scene (see attached) and PBL lessons using the children’s ideas as inspiration for their representation. The PBL approach, detailed further in this blog by Loni Bergqvist (@Loni_Bergqvist) https://www.imagineif.dk/post/lessons-in-project-based-learning, strikes a perfect balance between structure and freedom for the teacher and the children in their class. That initial reaction by our children to the Inspire Education scene is the reason we teach; pure amazement and wonder.

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