Across Key Stage 2, children are beginning to use Microsoft 365 in a variety of ways: Year 3 are sharing a PDF of a Guided Reading text via Microsoft Outlook (soon to be using Microsoft Teams instead); Year 4 are creating PowerPoint presentations about their topic of tourism/coasts; Year 5 are beginning a project where they will use Word, PowerPoint and Forms when learning about Greek Gods; and Year 6 are looking at creating persuasive posters following their English focus.

This week, for the first time, I am working with Year 1 pupils to assess and build upon their ICT skills. Having worked with most classes now, it is fascinating to see the range in children’s computing competence. This has given GLUU a clear picture as to where the areas of strength and development lie – giving us the information necessary to plan moving forward.

Elsewhere, GLUU is supporting Tarvin Primary School in implementing an EdTech infrastructure in Key Stage 2 classrooms. On the school’s behalf, GLUU has applied for the school to become an EdTech Innovation Testbed where, by 2021, technology will be embedded within classrooms. You can find out more about this scheme below:

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