The new report into Edtech used during lockdown found that the resources and features found in the platform made up most of ‘what works’ for remote learning best practice.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Education Technology released their report “Lessons from Lockdown: What we learned about Education Technology in 2020” this week, summarising evidence of ‘what worked’ when schools had to quickly roll out remote learning during the 2020 lockdown.

The report highlights features of remote learning approaches that resulted in increased learner engagement or offered vital support for wellbeing – and noted 6 of these were found in the platform! Here’s a short summary of how we are leading emerging best practice:

This early evidence suggests that can offer very positive outcomes for pupils, teachers and families, and we look forward to seeing more of this as it rolls out in this new hybrid learning world!

  • Thematic, project-based learning on a cross-curricular basis with real-world framing
  • Supporting pupils’ wellbeing with direct access to counselling support
  • Teacher-led live and recorded video lessons add structure, feedback and focus
  • Develop self-regulation skills via features which encourage reflection
  • Real-world activities, such as virtual field trips or interactive career guidance, creating a sightline between current learning and future work
  • Interlinking services to bring together the best from curriculum, design and support for wellbeing


On the latter, the APPG Report determined remote learning approaches that best supported students’ wellbeing had four design elements:

1. Teacher presence
2. Platforms that sustained pupil relationships and enabled children to receive feedback from their peers, as well as their teachers, proved popular.
3. Incorporated activities that developed children’s self- regulation, self-esteem and self-influence
4. The value of interlinking services

These are the fundamentals around which is built and around which our pedagogies and wellbeing support are founded.

Click here to download the report

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