A strange time normally, only intensified by the Covid19 pandemic, the last week of a primary school year is a mix of celebration, sadness and excitement for teachers and children alike.

Although it feels like children have just come back to school, many will be saying goodbye to their teachers for another six weeks at home with their families. I feel my circumstances are similar to that of the Year six children going to High School. Although our time at this school is at an end, we have left our mark and will come back in the years to come back to see how it has developed further.

Personally, it is the end of era – over a decade of my life where I have worked in a primary school. It is truly a unique place to be and will miss the sheer unpredictability that a ‘normal’ weekday can bring. However, it is time for a new chapter in my life and many exciting days lie ahead working with the team at GLUU on a full time basis.

So where does this leave the #EatonProject? Exactly where it was! Although we are no longer going to be physically based within Eaton and Tarvin Primary Schools, GLUU intends to maintain a positive working relationship with the schools, providing support in the use of EdTech across both schools. We will continue to celebrate the brilliance of staff and children at these schools and, as always, look forward to seeing what exciting ideas they have come up with. Many schools have learnt the importance of technology during lockdown measures and all of our schools have our full backing if home learning is required again, in any capacity.

Wishing you a restful summer holiday, stay safe

Andy Pritchard.

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