Kooth Work partners with GLUU to help support the mental health of whole school communities 

We are very excited to announce that GLUU and Kooth are extending their partnership! 

This partnership with Kooth will ensure that students aged 10+, all teachers, teaching support staff and on-site staff have a safe, confidential and welcoming place to seek non-judgemental mental health support. The collaboration is the first of its kind, enabling education establishments to purchase online learning resources and wellbeing together in one accessible and flexible package.  

Kooth’s innovative digital mental health and wellbeing platform has been designed to offer choice and encourage users to engage and seek help on their own terms. As such, it offers access to a variety of support options including online counselling and wellbeing, via its Kooth.com (aged 10+) and Qwell.io (aged 18+) services. 

 Kooth work’s flourish mental health check has been built into askOLA’s Wellbeing bolt on. Providing a benchmark tool that explores people’s wellbeing at work. Schools can use these insights to identify priority issues to support their communities – both for Teachers and supporting roles.   

This will help them to invest in the right initiatives, as well as developing and implementing new policies, practices and support programmes, that meet the needs of the school as an employer. This will aid in the creation of a mentally healthy workplace where everyone can flourish, and no one is left behind. 

Together with Kooth, we are able to provide schools with solutions that support the whole child and focus on adding capacity to the system, adding value to stretched budgets and reducing teacher workload. 

We look forward to working with Kooth to provide school communities with the support that they deserve inside and outside of the classroom. Keep up to date with our journey by following us social media. 





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