After a successful week working with Luke Whitehouse of Inspire Education (@InspirePrimary) it has been agreed that Eaton Primary School will embed his excellent resource within their curriculum, with GLUU’s help. Over the coming weeks, I will be working with Luke to develop his resource from a teaching and learning perspective. We will work together to test the effectiveness of the resource curriculum plans, trying them first hand with the teachers and children of Eaton Primary School. This promises to be a productive relationship for all involved.

Whilst embedding Inspire into Eaton’s curriculum, our next task is ensure that Britannica Digital Learning is being used appropriately in classrooms. Combined with Microsoft Teams, this resource promises to bring a new dimension to our classrooms – offering vocabulary for all manner of topics!

The week ahead will be busy for GLUU at Eaton. We intend to have a Microsoft Shared Calendar up and running for all staff to contribute towards. This will save on the eight page paper calendar staff are currently using as well as aid collaboration and communication. We have already been asked to create the same for Tarvin Primary School moving forward.

As things stand, the #EatonProject continues to progress smoothly!

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