It has been a busy week for GLUU! On top of the fresh announcements from Westminster about lockdown measures keeping everyone on their toes, we are continuing to develop our Microsoft Integration strategy for Primary Schools.


This week, our focus has been how Microsoft Teams is changing to suit the needs of Primary School teachers and children. I am finding myself spending considerable amount of time adding and voting upon feedback on the Microsoft Forums – – where a Primary School’s voice is rare. It is fantastic that features like hands up, 3×3 screens and mute all functions have been added so far – with more to come!


Elsewhere, the #EatonProject is continuing as with previous weeks. Children across Reception to Year 6 are accessing regular live lessons, pre-recorded lessons and assignment based learning. #TeamTarvin are using the strategies developed at Eaton to enhance the experience their pupils also.


With the Prime Minister’s announcement of schools potential return, GLUU is moving forward with plans to provide school and home based learning for all children.


All the best,

Andy Pritchard

Twitter: @EdTechMrP

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