“Have a lovely half term” choruses around Eaton Primary School as the children and staff depart for a well-deserved rest after a rewarding 8 week half term. For GLUU, whilst the children are not in school, this is a good time to look at infrastructure and update any hardware. On Tuesday, working with ForesightUK (@foresightuk1), we are moving some of the Interactive Whiteboards around the school to make sure they are at an appropriate height for the children and to make them more available for the new resources we are introducing upon their return.

As well as hardware, GLUU is spending the rest of the break planning for the busy Christmas half term. We are looking at how our solutions can aid Eaton with its School Development Plan in areas such as workload, curriculum and management. We’ve laid the groundwork now with infrastructure and PD and now we move into a more active execution mode.

In the coming weeks, I am looking forward to supporting the teachers at Eaton and Tarvin Primary Schools when using GLUU’s solutions. I will be in classrooms, team-teaching to model how these resources can be used to enhance the learning experience for the children. Our focus will continue to be on Inspire Education and Britannica as we look to build vocab, reading and writing skills.

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