Miraculously and somewhat unbelievably, we have reached the end of another half term with GLUU. The #EatonProject is continuing to progress and I am using this week’s blog to reflect upon some of the outstanding ways teachers at Eaton and Tarvin Primary have made use of the GLUU model within the Teams platform.


Weekly tasks – Across both schools, teachers are providing children with a weekly task to complete. This task could be: learning a new skill, completing a physical activity or even recording yourself reading a story for younger children. Regardless of the task, the participation is always high. During these challenging times, I am sure parents also appreciate an activity to keep their children motivated.


Recorded lessons – during these lockdown measures, teachers at Eaton and Tarvin have been providing their pupils with different means to access learning at home. One of the most effective has been the use of a tutorial-like video for a specific lesson using a screen recording application like Loom (@loom). A teacher’s ability to share their screen, paired with their natural way of explaining a task has led to some excellent learning and positive feedback from pupils.


Organised and regularly used channels ­– Perhaps this a nod to my need for organisation within online folders, however, it is extremely positive to see when teachers have set up separate lesson support channels for each subject they teach. After some instructions to the children, this has steered them towards developing their collaborative skills in a secure environment. They have asked each other questions about that specific subject within the channel and tried to assist each other, before the teacher replied.


Although only a brief insight into the online teaching world that the GLUU model encourages, it is our hope that the skills staff and children are developing over this time will continue to serve them well once normality resumes.


All the best and catch up soon,

Andy Pritchard

Twitter: @EdTechMrP

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