Fully mapped teaching resources integrating mental wellbeing into the National Curriculum

Our young people have never been more vulnerable. Over half have serious anxiety symptoms and need help now before things become worse.

For years, educators have known that mental wellbeing and attainment are linked. It has never been more important that wellbeing is woven into the fabric of learning.

Our community includes teachers, therapists, and clinicians. Together we’ve developed learning resources that integrate mental health and wellbeing support as part of the core curriculum.

Wellbeing resources are provided by Kooth, the UK’s largest provider of mental wellbeing tools/support to people under 25. Together with our school and publisher partners, we have co-curated eduu.school.

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Carefully curated content, arranged by Theme or by Subject, and an easy-to-use delivery method all in one place.

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Delivers resources to your learners through Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, or via weblinks/the platform.

eduu.school is supported by the GLUU community so that you can share the success of other teachers. You can access PD programmes, drop-ins, and best practice papers for free.

You’ll also enjoy our unique 30-day money-back guarantee to make your decision even easier.

Prices start at £395+VAT per year.

Available nationwide. Get in touch to discuss a free trial of eduu.school.

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