The clocks have changed and the nights are growing darker, but the #EatonProject continues to progress at the same speed. Children in Key Stage 2 are thrilled with their readjusted Interactive Whiteboards and teachers are equally thankful for reduced back pain!

I am delighted to be seeing GLUU’ Solutions being used in classrooms. “There is so much cool information on here” – one child in Year 3 told me whilst using Encyclopaedia Britannica (@Britannica_UK). Next week, I am looking forward to team-teaching with Eaton’s Key Stage 2 practitioners using GLUU’s Solutions such as Inspire Education – this will allow us to create strategies for effective delivery using these resources and plan future topic-based projects.

Additionally next week, the families of Eaton Primary School are going to be shown how to access our new online portal (built by Shireland Collegiate Academy) using individual Microsoft 365 accounts for their children. This will allow children to share all the wonderful work they have been doing in school using Microsoft 365 as well as allowing access to helpful information for families. Final amendments are being made and I will be in classes with teachers to model how this portal can be used effectively by both staff and pupils.

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