Stopping non-subject specialist Humanities teachers from falling short.

Non-subject specialist History and Geography teachers are most exposed under the new Inspection Framework. They need a safety net.

Built by teachers for teachers, LaunchPacks offer a scaffolded structure to focus on what and how content is taught and to ensure a broad and balanced GCSE curriculum.

Empower teaching and learning

Cross-thematic connections deepen subject mastery, activating student voice which leads to self-led inquiry and critical thinking.

Personalised differentiation

Tools to support diversity with content being broken into four ability levels linked to read aloud, double-click dictionaries, and article translation functionality.

Trust your content

Resources are created by subject experts and vetted by experienced teachers. Content and resources are provided by Encyclopaedia Britannica, the leader in authoritative information.

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LaunchPacks are supported by the GLUU community so that you can share the success of other teachers. You can access PD programmes, drop-ins, and best practice papers for free.

You’ll also enjoy our unique 30-day money-back guarantee to make your decision even easier.

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