It has been a few weeks since lockdown and the #EatonProject is progressing nicely. Whilst we continue in these difficult times it is important to maintain as much normality as possible for our pupils. With this is in mind, teachers at Eaton and Tarvin have started ‘Live Lessons’ using Microsoft Teams!


By creating a private channel for different groups of their class, teachers have been able to run secure lessons with their pupils. The joy on the pupils’ faces to see their teachers again was wonderful to watch. Moving forward, we are looking at further improving this system with use of share screen, Microsoft OneNote and Forms.


Elsewhere, members of GLUU have been training schools virtually in the use of Microsoft resources. This training included Abbey Gate College in Chester and Montgomery Church in Wales School in Powys and was highly beneficial for both.



Andy Pritchard

Twitter: @EdTechMrP

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