With the successful launch of Microsoft Office 365 across Key Stage 2 on Friday 22nd November, we felt it was important to see how many children were able to access their accounts at home over the weekend. Although in a short time, it was pleasing to see about half of the children in Year 5 were able to log on over the weekend. This gives us a target to work towards over the coming weeks and it will be interesting to find out what proportion of Key Stage 2 logged on.


Additionally, to gather more information, I used an indoor playtime to interview a Year 4 child about his experience with the use of ICT at Eaton Primary School:


Do you enjoy Computing at Eaton Primary School? Why?

“Yes, because I enjoy coding and having my own account”


Do you feel confident when using the new HP laptops?

“Kind of, because I find the new coding (Espresso Coding 2.0) quite hard. I find it hard because it is new and I am not used to it”


What do you want to learn about using the laptops?

“I want to get better at typing and using different types of font in Microsoft Word”


How many times a week do you use the laptops in school? Or technology similar at home?

“In school, I use the laptops twice a week. At home, I use a laptop at for Paint 3D. I use it about 5 days a week and both days on the weekend”


When GLUU conducts a wider ‘Pupil Voice’ session in January 2020, it will be fascinating to see if there is increased pupil interaction with Microsoft 365.


Starting work on the Tarvin SharePoint today – our sister school.

See you soon,

Andy Pritchard

Twitter: @EdTechMrP

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