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Our teacher support community helps to find more time so that pupils can thrive. Together, we spawn shared goal partnerships between schools and industry to co-curate solutions which give teachers more time to do what they do best, teach.

Meet the team


Sean Gardner


Founded in 2019 to improve the use of the very best EdTech within schools, GLUU is unearthing amazing products and bridging gaps to make sure those products are accessible and shareable for schools. But just how did GLUU come to fruition?

Well, GLUU founder Sean Gardner is no stranger to improving education for our students and young people, having also founded Tute, an online teaching platform, in 2010. Tute was created to improve student attainment through the delivery of online lessons which filled gaps in student’s current learning. Over the years it went from strength to strength, winning the 2017 BETT Award for ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – whole school aids.

From Tute’s success, Sean began working with Eaton Primary School—a DfE digital case study school which is listed as ‘one to watch’ in the UK EdTech top 50 awards. He has worked tirelessly over the following years to develop a better system for bringing EdTech to schools, because, let’s be honest, the market is saturated.

Sean knew that teachers had neither the time nor the resources to vet new EdTech alone…enter GLUU.

With his extensive knowledge, determination and complete dedication, Sean’s vision has been brought to life. Through GLUU’s vetting of EdTech products, teachers could (and can) invest in best practice services safe in the knowledge that they will directly improve student learning and school efficiency as a whole. GLUU does the hard work, so schools don’t have to.

Aside from education, Sean’s other great passion is improving mental health services. Especially for the most vulnerable in society. In 2017, he founded the not-for-profit service, Trauma Response Network Limited, which aims to provide immediate first aid for people with mental health injuries in the same way that ambulances and hospitals support people with physical wounds. This passion is prevalent throughout all Sean’s companies and partnerships.

Want to know more about GLUU’s services? Reach out via info@gluu.tech or follow @GLUUtech on social media.


Christine Major


With females making up just 30% of senior management roles globally, GLUU’s CEO, Christine Major, is proof that women can not only manage but, better yet, flourish at the top.

Time to meet the female powerhouse at the forefront of GLUU.

As a Chair of BESA (the British Educational Suppliers Association), Vice Chair of the BESA Export Special Interest Group and a former primary school teacher, Christine knows a thing or two about our education system, and now, through GLUU, she hopes to create even more positive, lasting change within that system.

With over 20 years’ experience of working with global corporations and start-ups alike, Christine has demonstrated just how adept she is when it comes to making an impact and getting results. She has worked with the little-known brands Nike, Rolls-Royce and Nestle, amongst others, delivering one-of-a-kind educational experiences and forming impressive educational partnerships.

Christine is motivated by the sense of purpose and belief that through shared goal partnerships, GLUU can help to create a positive impact within our schools and the world around them. She works nonstop to ensure GLUU delivers practical solutions and to drive this positive change within schools.

But what sets her apart at the top is knowing that in order to succeed you need to champion your team as a whole whilst at the same time placing yourself in the position of those you’re trying to help. Christine navigates uncertainty in this ever-changing environment with seeming ease and grace whilst also championing the GLUU team and sharing credit for the wins. Despite her brilliance, Christine never fails to show her appreciation for others, and she is the first to share the praise amongst the team. She knows how to get results but doesn’t forget all the pieces that are necessary to complete the puzzle.

It’s not hard to see why Christine is a voice of the industry.


Tara Jones

Education Consultant

Say hello to GLUU’s wonderful Education Consultant, Tara Jones.

To say Tara’s well equipped for the job would be an understatement. After just four years teaching at a Primary level, Tara quickly proved her worth within the industry and excelled to become a deputy headteacher. After many years of experience within schools, Tara joined the team at GLUU where she now works zealously to try to improve the lives of other teachers, SLTs and, of course, most importantly, the lives of students.

Tara knows first-hand the struggles that teachers face on a daily basis, whether it’s incorporating new government guidelines into their existing (jam-packed) schedules or figuring out the best practices for their students and schools. She works hard to develop curriculums and help implement EdTech solutions through the eduu.school platform. Her title ‘Primary Curriculum Expert’ is a well-deserved one.

Professional portfolio aside, Tara is first and foremost a parent which only deepens her passion to create lasting, beneficial change within schools. Her charisma, combined with abounding knowledge and professionalism, make Tara a frequent keynote speaker at GLUU webinars and events.

On her GLUU experience, Tara says, “My role with GLUU really strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a chaotic time for schools, and I was in a privileged position to support, share, and advise on best practice. We developed a shared online community acting quickly in response to shifting goalposts. No sooner than the DfE guidelines were out, we were providing webinars and up-to-date teaching solutions for schools. Some schools had little pre-existing EdTech structure in place; the GLUU team catapulted their teaching online! The work done during that period cemented foundations for GLUU’s future work with schools and the EdTech community.”


Andrew Pritchard

Learning and Community Manager

What more could you wish for from an EdTech expert than someone awarded the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert award 2020-2021? Nothing, I hear you say?!

Then meet Andrew Pritchard, GLUU’s Learning and Community Manager.

Prior to joining the GLUU family, Andrew spent many years teaching at a Primary level, developing his knowledge of curriculum and the use of technology in teaching. He saw the importance of EdTech, when used properly, and decided to join GLUU to work out just how to implement great EdTech into schools.

In recent years, Andrew has worked at Eaton and Tarvin Primary Schools in Cheshire to help build a successful DfE case study for the use of EdTech in a Primary setting. He now works to embed tried and tested, best practice EdTech into other schools and runs frequent webinars explaining how to do just that.

Andrew not only provides schools with EdTech from GLUU’s amazing partners but is also a dab hand at producing it himself. Working with teammate Tara he has created invaluable interactive GLUU content that primarily aims to support the mental health and wellbeing of students whilst also, critically, helping schools hit the most up to date DfE requirements.

To join a webinar and see Andrew in action, or for more information about GLUU solutions, follow @gluu.tech online.


Francesca Roberts

School Community and Engagement Lead

When it comes to marketing and engagement there’s not much Francesca Roberts doesn’t know. This fountain of knowledge and skill is often behind the scenes creating beautiful relationships and even more beautiful content whilst also ensuring GLUU’s partners are fulfilled!

As School Community and Engagement Lead, Francesca has the responsibility of proving and showcasing GLUU’s strengths and making sure that the schools GLUU work with are happy and receiving the best possible care.

At creating positive customer experiences, Francesca’s the one. Managing pipelines—a walk in the park. The beautiful graphics you see on GLUU socials? Yep, she made them too!

As an amateur powerlifter, Francesca is no stranger to focus, discipline and determination and these traits ooze into her work life too. She has numerous years of experience managing teams and creating strong relationships which is evident in her capabilities as engagement lead, manager, colleague and friend. She builds trust and confidence through her sincere, no-nonsense approach.

But she has always had this passion for helping people. A passion which was first actualised when Francesca worked at a youth charity, teaching children from a low socio-economic area how to sing. From there, she worked for the Institute of Education as a research assistant on the world renowned EPPSE study, and here her passion for education was added to the mix!

When she puts her mind to it great things are achieved!


Kristen Ellison

Digital Assets Creator and Social Media Manager

Every team needs a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, and Kristen Ellison is that person for GLUU. A talented and gifted designer, Kristen works quietly in the background as a Digital Assets Creator and Social Media Manager but is always on hand to proofread and sense check for any member of the team.

Kristen is always on the lookout for hot topics in education and opportunities for developing the GLUU brand. She often delves into the world of Twitter and beyond to chat with Teachers and to find out what’s happening on the ground in education. She knows what is ticking all the boxes and what is ticking Teachers off.

If there’s a storm brewing, you can bet Kristen knows about it!

Kristen works alongside Francesca, designing bold, beautiful and informative social media posts and emails for the GLUU community.

Kristen is an ex-teacher and mummy to one. She also spent some time working at EdTech Impact, so she knows a thing or two about what great EdTech looks like. Just like her colleagues, she is passionate about creating a happier world for our children! Kristen goes above and beyond, ALWAYS.

Kristen is a passionate Vegan, a qualified massage therapist and actively participates in the racial equality movement. So grab a carrot stick, relax, and have a chat with her about how to make the world a better place.

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