A busy week ahead at Eaton Primary School – GLUU is providing a day of inspiration for the children in Year 5. In the first of a series of lessons, children will experiment with and learn to use some of the solutions that GLUU has to offer. Starting with Inspire Education’s (@InspirePrimary) Tomb Raiders scene for the morning and using Encyclopaedia Britannica (@Britannica_UK) in the afternoon. Both solutions will allow for rich and advanced writing as well as enthusing those learners who find writing a challenge.

When children enter the classroom after assembly, they will be greeted by the Inspire Tomb Raiders scene motivating auditory learners through realistic sounds of the tombs and visual learners through intractable objects within the scene. Over the morning, children will use their comprehension skills before applying the knowledge they have learnt into a settings description of an Egyptian Tomb.

In the afternoon, using Encyclopaedia Britannica’s child friendly search functions, children will be researching Egyptians tombs further and creating a PowerPoint presentation on their Microsoft 365 account. To finish off the day, children will share their presentations with their classmates!

We are particularly excited to share this day of ICT Discovery with the parents of the Year 5 children.

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