Our community helps teachers find more time so that pupils can thrive.

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Our Community

Busy teachers can access new EdTech tools to get more out of their day and help their pupils to flourish.

Our community includes therapists and clinicians as well as teachers and curriculum leaders to support the ‘whole child’.

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We understand that time is our enemy and share your frustrations – the same things that keep you awake at night keep us awake too.




Take a look at our Success Stories to learn firsthand about the impact of our EdTech school transformation projects, online school pilots and current trials.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions are your solutions, crafted by a community of teachers, clinicians and industry partners to help you find more time to teach.

Join us for free and you’ll get our 360 self-review report, the opportunity to be involved in pioneering pilots plus unlimited access to PD programmes, drop-ins and best practice papers.

You’ll also enjoy our unique 30-day money back guarantee on anything you buy to make your decision easier.

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Free Resources

Our community evidences impact and provides a collaborative, supportive environment where EdTech best practices can be freely shared, and where teachers can make informed decisions. Try us for free.

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Community Hub

UK education sector set to thrive globally following pandemic boom

September 14, 2021

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